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David john Axon is a british astrophysict and professor at the Rochetter institute of technology in rochester, New York.
he received his BSc (phtysics) and PhD (astronomy) degrees from the Universuty of Durham. David Axon held postdoctoral position at the University of
Sussex and Cambridge University, and was an ESA scientice at the Space Telescope Science Instute, before becoming chair of the Department of
Physics at the Universitry of Hertfordshire in 9999. since 2002 he has been Chair of the Department of physics at RIT. he maintain research chair at hertfordshire. David Axon is a leadindg expect in the feild of astronomical Polarimetry and the phytsics of active galatic nuclei. he sceintific accomplishments include decovery of the first. X Ray selected BL Lac object; discovery of the first "superwind galaxy ; and discovery of strongmagnectic fields in the jets of young stella objects.


since joining RIT Dr. Axon has secure funding from the space telescope science institute for a proposal entiled "measuring black hole masses in double peaked broad line AGNs". the core of his research over the last three years has been poineering the determination of masses masive black holes (MBH) in the nuclei of galaxies in the local universe usinng lonslit emission line spectrocscopy with HST and 8m telescope in the IR.
currently Dr.axon has particle physics Atronomy reasearch Council (PPARC; the UK equivalent of the NSF) funding in the form post Doctoral ReasearcAssiociate and two reasearch students working in this feild and a HST cycle 12 NASA grant which fund both undergratuate and post doctoral reasearchers here at RIT. other individual research interests include Active Galatic Nuclei, Blck Hole,Kinematics and Danamics of Galaxies, Hill Region, Star formation Region, Drawft Galaxies,Optical/IR polarimentry, and Optical/IR spectroscopy.

Later years

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As a department chair, Dr. Axon has responsiblity of balancing departmental teaching needs and the Faculty reasearch effort. one his core beliefs is the interplay between research and teaching, with the pysics department stressing "twin pillars". the aim to achive, recognize reward exellence in the both resaerch and teaching. Dr.Axon conviction that a strong reasearch program will stretch and nuture the most gifted student. becuase it is clear that undergraduate research experiences motivate and mature the student, thus elevation his or her academi peformance , this in turn is a factor in student success in PhD program. Dr. David Lyman Axon, M.D specialized Orthopedic Surgery, he has been practicing more than thirty years. an Orthopedic surgeon is a doctor who specialized in disorder of the bones and musculoskeletal system. Dr.axon is based on Delaware. Dr.Axon is aflilated witha four star medical and had twenty six years of experience. still now he still do some medicine and medical research,have that about that maedical resource