space shuttle breaking up
crew members
the colombia space shuttle occured on febuary 1, 2003. the space shuttle was luanched on january 16, 2003 the incindent occured when the space shuttle was re-entering earth's atmosphere it disingrated during re-entry killing all seven crew members on board,the debree from the crash flew all over texas and pacific ocean. The seven pilots chosen for the mission was, rick husband, William McCool, David Brown, Kalpana Chawla (Kalpana Chawla studied in india and had dreams of becoming a astraonuat which she did accomplish), Micheal Anderson, Laurel Clark, Ilan ramon (first israli in space). Nasa also say's if the crews eqiupment was better and more protected they would have probably survived the break up of the shuttle during the re-entry.We remember the crew every febuary 1 when the shuttle disingrated.


How the space shuttle
honoring ilan ramon
colombia broke apart has many theorys. some of the theorys of the space shuttle is that a chunk of foam fell off during lift off and thats what cuased the space shuttle to break apart during re-entry.anotherr theory is that there was a hole in its wing that allowed in superhot atmospheric gases to get in which cuased the shuttle to explode and break apart. this accident was nasa second incident the first bieng the challenger which broke apart also and killed 7 crew members. The impact that the colombia disaster was that nasa started to pay attention to the little problems more and not ignoring them like they used to, they made more durable suit and equipment and they also made an escape method for crew member's if this was to happen again, if the equipment was made when the crew members were alive they would have probably survived the crash.


the colombia space disaster had a big impact on society, when we discovered what happened to the space suttle and the crew we discovered that the crew had tried everything they can to get the space shuttle
back in control we also discovered that the space e equipment wasnt really protecting for what waited for them, they were not buckled in and there helmets could not support the crash but we later found out that if nasa would have worked a little bit more on the space suit that the seven unlucky astraounats may have survived the crash. It had a great impact on society poeple moarned the deaths of the seven astroanats they held a memorial service in texas were all the crew's family members came and planted a tree in memory of the seven astraonuts. After the crash nasa decided to work more on the craft improving it and making escape pods if this was to happen again the astraonuts can escape.