The Life of Anne Jump Cannon

Annie jump cannon were born on December 11, 1863. Annie the daughter of Wilson cannon. Annie was the oldest of three sisters but the youngest of to brothers. The cannon family live in Delaware. Annie parents where ship builders and state senators. Mary jump was Annie mother which was Wilson second wife. Mary jump was astronomy. As ann. was born right after the civil war. As Annie grew up she thought what her mother did was so cool so her mother start teaching her everything she knew. As Annie grew up she got more interested in stars. After Annie mother hade died she knew that all she wonted to do was go to collage in be like her mother. external image 6274471_1016711632.jpg

In 1896 Annie was hired by a professor from Harvard College Edward Charles Pickering. Annie was hired to handle star classification and complex data reduction. She got paid 50 cents an hour. Annie was a great worker all her hard work paid off she earned her a number of academic honors and prizes and they gave her a ward a Draper award by the national academy of science. Annie wrote a letter telling about her work. Annie studied the spectroscope. A spectroscope is used to split a bean of light into the radiation into it component that need to be studied. Also many hot objects emit radiation containing all wavelength of light called spectrum. She also studied spectrum witch is known as emission line. An emission line is cause by an emission photon. Annie also classified over a quarter a million of stars. Annie work sometimes got complicated when patterns of spectral lines are related to the composition of a star. But Annie loved what she did so she didn’t let it get to her. Annie found 300 stars. This is a little letter she wrote discribing her work.

Later on in life
As years went by Annie got oldand weak. Annie had received a Henry Draper Medal. Annie retired in1940.and, became the second female to receive that medal. On April 13, 1941 she died. Annie jump cannon died from a heart disease. While Anne was dieing from a heart disease she still help the other sciencetist there work. After Annie had died she hade received an award was names after her. Annie was an astronomer. Annie will be remembered for her discoveries on stars. She also left behind a book that was published 8 years later after her hade died.