William Henry Smyth, was born on January 21,1788 in Westminster,England. He was a descentant captain John Smith, who was the
principal founder of the first permanent English colony in North America, at Jamestown,Virginia. William Smyth started a career at the Royal
Navy and served in Mediterranean during the Napoleonic wars. In 1825, William Henry Smyth retired from the "Royal Navy" and settled in Bedford, England, Where he established a fine private observatory. In 1815, he married Annarella the only daughter of T.Waarington Esq., of Naples; she was his compaexternal image bp-admiral-smyth-and-annarella.jpgnion and assistant in all his scientific works. Smyth published his observation in 1844 in his still famous "Cycle of Celestial Objects." After suffing an attack in early September,1865, Smyth seemed to recover and on September 8, showed and explained
planet "Jupiter" to his young grandson. This is basically what William Henry Smyth, life was like and all about.

Smyth was an admiral and scientific writer from the years,(1788-1865). And at an early age he,William Henry Smyth) went to sea in the merchant service. In July 1811 he joined the "Rodney off Toulon," which Smyth combined the service against french in Naples with good deals. On September 18, 1815,he was made commander without
any appointment to a ship and was to continue on the coast of "Sicily." In 1817, his work(William Smyth) was put on a more formal footing by his appointment to the Aid, and he carried on a survey, and constructed a very large number of charts which those basis still in use.
Adventure,6, Surveying Sloop( 1809 Lynn, as the transport, AID). William Henry Smyth, had surneyed alexandria and this completed the whole coast between that place and Tripoli with plans of all the small harbours.