That morning of April 18, 1906, The unsupecting population of S
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an Francisco and their surroundings were completely unaware of the disaster that was about to unfold. When the San Andreas fault rumbled and unleashed pure havoc over the populance of the city 30 miles away.The devastation it caused was not only a tragedy recorded on the city's history, but a reminded of the sheer power of nature.

Life at the Time

Life at that time was at the wake of the new century, and the New Imperialism. The city was always active, except for that fateful morning of April.


That day, at 5:15 am, the 8.5 earthquake on the Richter scale, sundered the city by surprise. It literary ripped the city apart: several fires ignited across the city, parts of the streets sank 4 to 3 feet bellow, twisted and ripped apart. Around 490 blocks of city and 35,000 buildings were ravaged into the ground. The city went into total chaos; wounded, homeless, and terrified, the people scrambled across the city trying to get away from the fires. Even though the quake lasted one minute,the fires rages for three days, and the city was left in shambles for some time.


With over 250,000 people left on the street, many which were injured in the disaster, were set up on refugee camps. The city didn't healed up till some years, it tooks some time and work to rebuild, $350,000,000 worth of damage. The city outgrew those scars, but there's still fear, fear that someday, the fault would unleash a similar catastrophe.