Neil Armstrong united the America with the epic walk on the moon. He opened the world to a new world. The journey there was a terrifying one. It let the world know what was out there. He was the first to land an aircraft on its surface and the first to walk on its surface. Neil Armstrong earned a scholarship through the Navy to the University of Purdue. One year and a half into his stay and the Navy called him into active duty. He was an outstanding airsman, fighting in seventy eight combat missions and earning three medals in the process. After his duty was over he returned to Purdue and finished his studies. When Neil started something, he finished. In 1955 he became a test pilot for the research commitee of areodynamics. In doing so he became an astronaunt and was the first to go to space and dock a vehicle in earths orbit. He did this neccesary step to learn before anyone could be sent to the moon. He taught the youth of america to work together and in doing so take responsible risks for your country.