Neil Armstrong

Neil Armstrong was born in August 5, 1930, in his grandparents farm Auglaize Country, Ohio. He fell in love with airplanes at the age of 6 when he took is first flight to ford Tri-motor "Tin Goose". Neil and his family after a while ended up moving to Wapakoneta when he was 13 years old. On his 16th birthday he was giving a pilot's license, without even having is driver license yet.

Neil was married twice his first wife Janet mother of his sons Eric and Marc and daughter Karen, Sadly Karen died of pneumonia after finding out she had a brain tumor. He then married Carol Held Knight in 1992. He was the youngest pilot in his squadron. When he was 20 years of age he won his jet wings at Pensacola Navel Air Station in Florida. In 1969, Neil was commander of the Apollo 11 (the first lunar landing mission) he was the first man to land a craft in the moon and the first man to step on it.​


Neil Armstrong made history by becoming the first man to walk on the moon in 1969, around the same time he was commander of the Apollo 11. Armstrong received many awards for his efforts and accomplishments in the Apollo 11 mission, and outside of that. One of those awards included the Medal of Freedom and Congressional Space Medal of Honor. At about 10:59 PM Armstrong excited the Lunar Module. His Actual words were "That's one small step for a man, one giant leap for a mankind," as he made his first famous step on the moon. While on the Moon Armstrong took pictures of their footprints, and collected samples for two and a half hours and conducted experiments.

Armstrong remained with NASA, and served as deputy associate administer until 1971. After dropping NASA he joined a faculty Of the University of Cincinnati, he was a Professor of the aerospace engineering. He stayed teaching at the University of Cincinnati for Eight years. Staying active in his field, he served as chairman of the Computing Technologies for Aviation. Even with him being the most famous astronaut in history, Armstrong has shield away from the public eye. In 2006 it was said that he gave a rare interview the news for about 60 minutes. He talked about and described the moon to Ed Bradely, and said "Its a brilliant surface in that sunlight. The horizon seems quite close to you because the curvature is so much more pronounced then here on earth. it's an interesting place to be i recommend it".

Later years

After Neil Armstrong had stepped on the moon he then participated in a USO show with Bob Hope in 1969, a great deal was made which took place in Vietnam. It didn't take long after his mission to announce that he didn't foresee any more flights into space in the future. Armstrong was appointed to the position of Deputy Associate Administrator for aeronautics. He accepted and served 13 months in position, after a while he decided to resign. He had decided to leave NASA in August of 1971, not to sure if that was what he really wanted.

Armstrong then retired from NASA in 1971 later on he accepted a teaching job at the University of Cincinnati, with the Department of Aerospace of Engineering. He declined all businesses that offered him to become their spokesman. However, Chrysler actually convinced Armstrong to appear in ads and that began in January of 1979. He had agreed the offer because he thought they possessed a strong engineering division, he had also noticed that they were in a financial bind at the time. As time when by he then agreed to be a spokesman for other companies, one of them was General Time Corporation, and the Bankers Association of America. He had said that he would only become a spokesman of a company if it was issued within the United States.