Goals for today:

  • Create turnitin.com account
  • Join your class on turnitin.com
  • If you are finished, submit your project.
  • If you are not finished, finish it today!
www.turnitin.com is the website that will be used to check the originality of your work. When your project is ready to be graded, you MUST copy all of your text into a Microsoft Word document. That document is what will be uploaded to turnitin.com.

To set up an account and submit your work:

  1. Click Here
  2. Click Student
  3. Enter the Class ID and Class enrollment password that are written on the board
  4. Fill out the information on the rest of that page
  5. Click "I Agree - Create Profile"
  6. Click "Log In"
  7. Click on the class name
  8. Click the Submit icon
  9. On the next screen, for the submission title, enter "Wiki Project"
  10. Find the word document that you saved, and click "Upload"
  11. On the next screen, click "Submit"
  12. You're done!

The class ID's you will need are:
1st block - 2984169
2nd block - 2984170
3rd block - 2984173

The password to join every class is: fall09

If you are NOT submitting your work today:

It MUST be submitted to turnitin.com by 4:00 THIS FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 13th!!!!!!