John Agust Anderson was an american atronomer, born August 7, 1876- December 2, 1959. Anderson was born in Rolag a community in Clay County, Minnesota just south of Hawely. Anderson aqquired his Ph.D. at Johns Hopkins University located in Baltimore, Maryland in 1907, and remained part off the faculty after he graduated. Anderson became proffesor of astronomy in 1908 at the university. In 1909 he was comminted enough to get the responsibility for the Rowland ruling engines that were used for creating diffraction gratings, and the quality of these was considered to be very excellent, especially the concave gratings.

In 1912 Anderson married to a woman named Maria. In 1916 he left John Hopkins University(JHU) to work at Mount Wilson observatory located on Mt. wilson in Los angeles County Califronia.He remained there until 1956. The Mt Wilson observatory is the gratest observatory ever. His biggest achievment was the invention of the Michelson's Inferometer which helped identify close double stars, which used a rotating mask at the focus to measure the separation of Cappela's.

Anderson Died in Altadena California on December 2, 1959 for reasons that are unknown. In 1971 the Crater on the moon 'Anderson' was named after him for his contribution to astronomy.