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Johannes Kepler

Johannes Kepler was born on December 27, 1571 in Weil Der Stadt, Wurttemberg, in the Holy Empire of German Nationality.
Johannes was born premature and at a very young age he got Smallpox. Born into a Lutheran family Johannes did not follow the Lutheran ways or go to the Lutheran church, he was then excluded from the Lutheran religion. Once he was excluded he did not go join a different religion he stayed non religious. He did not die from Smallpox he kept his life moving. He attended the University of Tubingen and studied theology and physiology, along with mathematics and astronomy. After he completed his education at the age twenty four he filled the position as chain in mathematics and astronomy at Graz, Germany. While he was chair of the mathmatics program he descovered tha thte sun is the center of the solar system not the earth. Over time Graz, Gernamy shut down and Kepler was jobless.

Kepler's Contributions

Kepler's greatest contribution to science were the laws of planetary motion.Kepler completed the Rudolphine Tab
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les that were started by Tycho Brae in the pervious century. Kepler introduced logarithms. The tables also included tables that calculated planetary positions for a date of any time. This was the hardest evidence for the Copernican model of the Universe. Kepler used the tables the see what pair of transits by Mercury and Venus by the Sun, but Johannes Kepler never lived long enough to see the results of his project. What were Johannes Kepler's major contributions to science and society? Kepler's greatest contribution to science and society was his book called Epitome Astronomies Copernican. His book was the first Astronomy book based on the Copernican model; it was the primary model book for many many years to follow. A lot of people used the book as a reference source. Johannes Kepler was a very intelligent writer, one of the first friction writers. Kepler discivered that Mars goes in an elliptical orbit with the Sun as one of its main points. Kepler researched this because he was told that all planets revolve in circles os patterns of circles but he didnt think that that sounded right. A planet travels faster when it is closer to the sun and slower when it is farther away from the sun.

  • Kepler searched the time of historical events in the Bible including the birth of Jesus.

Kepler's Later Years

In the year of 1619 Johannes Kepler found his third principle which was about Planetary motion. Planetary motion mathematically related the times it taked a planet to complete an orbit of the sun and the average distance of that planet away from the sun. The book that Kepler put his third principle in is called Harmony of the Worlds. After the peak of Kepler's discoveries he became ill and old. He died inRegensberg, Germany, on November 15, 1630, he was 58 years old. Kepler’s life had been filled with sad stuff. the sadness and sickness of kepler's early years was followed in adult years by the deaths of three of his six children during their childhood, and the death of his first wife. Kepler lived in an time in which most rulers expected the people to be the same religion that the ruler was. However, he refused to change his beliefs with a change of ruler. Kepler was a man of the Bible and refused to accept man-made rules which he believed were against the Bible. Unfortunately, this stand caused him to suffer great trouble on a number of occasions.Another traumatic event in Kepler’s life was the court case of his superstitious mother who was accused of practicing witchcraft. If she was accused, she would have been tortured and burnt at the stake. It was only Kepler’s sickness that saved his mother. Even though all these bad things happened to him he remained strong in his faith.
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He loved God dearly and would never give up on him and go back to the way his life was.