Today you should be working on the second section of your Wiki page. While you work, I will be grading the first section that was due Monday night. The guidelines for what to write about today are:

  • Person - Section should be titled "Contributions." What did this person accomplish? What were their major contributions to science and society? How did their accomplishments affect their field of science?
  • Event - Section should be titled "Synopsis." What happened? What caused this event? What was the immediate impact? Was there a long-term impact? What were the different reactions that people had?
  • Thing - Section should be titled "Impact." What has happened since the topic's discovery? Does your topic have an impact on society? If so, what does it contribute to society? What did we learn about the topic once it was discovered?

This section should be 200-300 words. If you finish writing this section in class today, go back and revise your introduction. Find spelling and grammar errors, re-word sections that need clarification, etc.

  • Your second section is due by 11:59 PM on Tuesday, October 27.
  • If you did not finish (or simply did not do) the introduction section, you will not get full credit for the work that was due Monday the 19th. HOWEVER! You STILL must have this section complete by the end of the project. If you are missing any sections at the end, your grade will suffer!
  • We will be wrapping this project up in 3 to 4 weeks. DO NOT PROCRASTINATE!
  • Only the introduction and project participation thus far will be on the grade report for the first 9 weeks. The final grade will be part of the second 9 weeks.
  • Don't forget to track your sources with your delicious account.

  • The final product will be checked for plagiarism, with SEVERE penalties for those who plagiarize.