The goals for today's work time are:
  • Set up a account (if you have not done so already)
  • Set up a account & friend Mr. Carpenter (if you have not done so already)
  • Create a page for your topic (click the New Page link at the left)
  • Begin researching your topic, saving any useful websites/links as bookmarks in your account
  • If time permits, begin typing the introduction section to your topic.
    • If your topic is a PERSON: introduce me to that person as if they were your friend and we were meeting for the first time. Don't tell me when they were born and when they died; INTRODUCE them to me. It may help to research the area and time period that they lived in (example: life in Italy during the 1750's)
    • If your topic is an EVENT: introduce me to the setting of that event. When did the event happen, where, what were major influences on culture during that time, was this event immediately noticed by many, or could someone have gone several days without knowing about it?
    • If your topic is a NASA MISSION: provide an introduction to the astronauts involved, but also provide information about the setting. What was the purpose of that mission, why was the mission launched in the first place, etc.
    • If your topic is a THING: provide me with basic information about the topic, but also information about who discovered it.