Wiki Wednesday goals for 10/14:

  1. Create a page for your topic (using the "New Page" link at the left)
  2. Finish the content of the introduction section.

The introduction section to your page needs to be between 100-150 words. If you are unsure about the number of words you have, copy your text into Microsoft Word, click "Tools" and then "Word Count." Everyone should be able to find plenty of information for the introduction - regardless of topic.
  • If your topic is a person, tell me about the first 30-40 years of their life. Why did this person enter their science field in the first place? Did they have a family history that influenced them? Write about factors that affected their early life - time period, geographic location, culture, government, etc.
  • If your topic is an event, what was life like for people who lived during that event? Did this event have an immediate impact on many people? What factors influence life for those who would be affected by the event? If you grew up near where this event occurred, how would your life be different?
  • If your topic is a thing, write about its discovery. How was it discovered, and by who? When? How did people live at the time/place of the discovery? Did the discovery go unnoticed, or did it have an immediate impact on many?


-Your page DOES NOT need pictures or other media now. Those will be added later.
-Your introduction section is due by 11:59 PM on Monday October 19th. Any work done on your page after then will not be graded.
-Throughout the course of this project, you will need at least 10 sources. Make sure that you are tracking useful websites with your Delicious account - that is how I will check your sources!
-If you STILL need to create your Wikispaces and Delicious accounts, follow the steps listed on this page.