I'm doing Edwin E Aldrin he was born on January, 20,1930. He was the second man on the moon he went up there in the Apollo 11. He was born at88742581.jpg Montclair, New Jersey. He Graduated from Montclir High School. He has got a degree from six different colleges . He got a bachelor degree in science. He was married three times to Joan and Beverly and Lois. He flew the Gemini 12. It took the Apollo four days to get to the moon. He has two sons and on daughter with Joan.


B8CBDADB-CFEA-C14F-DF96F4DEF40A5BEF_1.jpgOne of his accomplishments was landing on the moon and making it back to Earth a live. And he accomplished finishing school. But out of all of his accomplishments he could never make his dad happy.

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They left a flag and bits of wood from there air plane and also a silver chalice and foot steps. He also went to space in the G33.jpgemini 12. He was a colonel, U.S. Air Force but he retried. He published return to earth in 1973 and he published Men from earth on July 20, 1989.And he also wrote a book called encounter with Tiber and he also wrote buzz Alden reaching the moon and also a look to the stars. He became a expedition for helping with the titanic. The book reaching the moon was a children book that he wrote it talked about his childhood memories and he also write it so that he could inspire other people to want to travel space In 2004 Edwin E. Aldrin joined the zero gravity and he said that if you want adventure then you would go there to.