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Introduction -

Apollo was the thirteenth of seventeen lunar space exploration mission. They scheduled launch to try and make sence. They had them launch on the 13th minute of the 13th day, and made them return on the 13th day of the month. Just because there was 17 different Apollo missions, there were only 3 successfull missions that had landed on the moon. The crew contained 3 men, James A. Lovell, Jr, he was the commander. John L. Swigert, jr, he was the Command Module Pilot. Fred W. Haise, Jr, he was the Lunar Module Pilot. They were gone for a duration of 5 days, 22 hours, 54 minutes, and 20 seconds. They landed April 17th, 1970. 106 words.

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Contributions -
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James A. Lovell Jr, he was a NASA astronaut. He was born in Clevland, Ohio, March 25th, 1928. He finished his fourth mission as a space commander of the Apollo 13 flight mission, April 11-17th, 1970, and became the first man to travel twice to the moon.
Synopsis -
They travelled to the moon. It was the first succesful moon mission, it had a very immediate impact. I'd say one of the biggest for science during that time. It was a long term impact because it was the first mission to ereach the moon. Everyone knows abouit it and how big it really was.
Impact -
Everything has gotten alot more advanced. There has been many more space trips to the moon since. We've learned alot about the moon as soon as we reached it. Every theory we had on the moon couldn't be proven until Apollo 13.

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Later Years -
On March 1st , 1973, James A. Lovell Jr retired from the United States Navy and from space programs. He retired to join a towing company in Houston. Later on down the line January 1st, 1991, he retired from Central Corp. As the Executive Vice President and member of the Board of Directors.
The Future -
The future is basicly based on what happened. we learned alot from what happened then. we're not exactly 'done' learning from it either, because it was the base of everything we've learned now.
What We Learned -
We learned alot more about the moon in 1970. Before we landed on the moon, everything was just basicly hypothosis. We knew a little bit, but not to much. Travelling to the moon helped everything out. We gained alot of knowledge and this contributed to simliar events for the past 30 years.

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