Allan Rex Sandage was born on June 18, 1926(age 83)
place where he was born lowa city, lowa
Sandage pulsated pursuing the theoretical work of several astronomers on the evolution of stars. In the 1950s
that the observed characteristics of the light and co lour of the brightest star in various
gloobular cluster
indicate that the cluster can be arranged in order according to their age.
Later Sandage became a leader in the study of quasi- stellar radio sources. In 1960, Sandage made the first optical identification of a quasar, with his junior colleague.
Spectrum at the position of the compact radio source 3C 48 in the constellation Virgo. Intense radio waves and ultraviolet radiation than a typical star

Sandage continued to work on quasara and in 1965 in troduced a method of identifying them searchinh at an inducated radio postion for object. Sandage found that many ultraviolet object, witch he named blue stellar object were not radio emitlers.

During the next decade, a delicate measurement of primordail light reveal conuioncing evidence. and a proposes that a random, microscopic density
fluctuation in the fabric of space and time gave birth to the universe.

Sandage is best know for his efforts to pin down the valvers of the Hubble constand, the age of the universe and its deceleration.

Edwin Hubble was writing about the scientific advances of this age will describe the 20th century. A cosmological problem of discovering
the large scale content of the universe solved. Between 1936 Hubble was a major figure in this develpment.