Albert E. Whitford,a porfessor of astronomy and astrophysics emeritus and director of lick observaty from 1958 to 1968 .Also was a outstanding research astrophysicist,especially well known for his pioneering work on photoelectric phometry of stars and galaxies,leading to knowledge of their physical natural and distances,and of the interstellar dust in our galaxy.
Albert was born in milton,Wisconsin,on oct 22 1905.He come from an old yankee family which trace back to an immigrant who came to rhode island in 16709.He did his undergraduate study,leaning to a B.A in 1926,at milton collage in his hometown.From there Albert moved on to graduate work in physicc at his university of wisconsin in nearby madison,specializing in experimental an assistant to joel stebbins,the great pioneer of photoelectric photometry in american.He marrid eleanor B. whitelaw,whose brother had been a fellow of physics graduate student with him.thy had three childrens.


During his period ,he wes a professor and director of washburn observatory.he and stebbins had always wanted to measure quantitatively the radiation from stars over as wide a spectral range as possible,He move quickly to do so,obtaining and putting into peacetime astronomic use new infrared detectors that had been developed during the wer years,to push out to longer wavelengths.He was promoted to full professor and director of washburn observatory.He continued observing visits to mount wilson and to lick observory and a professor at UC-santa crcz from 1966 to 1996.He then returned to madision,where he continued his intrest and active participation in Astronomy.Faculty are professors Cassinelli,Churchwell,Gallagher,Hoessel,Mathieu,Nordsieck,Reynolds,Savage,a​nd Sparke,Associate professors Bershady and Lazarian.He continued his participation in IAU working group on astronomy standards of fundamental astronomy and in the AAS working group on astronomical software's FITScommittee.He was the chair of the first survey of the need of

Albert E. Whitford, astronomer, professor of astronomy and astrophysics emeritus and director of Lick Observatory from 1958 to 1968, died in Madison, Wisconsin, at age 96 on March 28, 2002, following a short illness. He was an outstanding research astrophysicist, especially well known for his pioneering work on photoelectric photometry of stars and galaxies, leading to knowledge of their physical nature and distances, and of the interstellar dust in our Galaxy. began a study of stars near the galactic center. Whitford held many major administrative positions and chaired the committee that produced the first decennial volume of the astronomy community’s priorities for new instruments in 1964. He continued his research at UCSC into his nineties. In 1996 he returned to Madison, where he renewed an affiliation with the University of Wisconsin. he was the chair of the first survey of the needs of astronomy,organized by the Nation Academy of Science.the reasulting Whtford report issued in 1964,and was widely accepted and was used by the NSF and order goernment agenies.In the summer of 1940 ,following the fall of france,Albert,well known amoung physicits for his electronic skills,was heaily recuited to join the nascent Radiation Laboratory,America's radar-development center at M.I.T.He moved to cambridge with his family in early January 1941,near a year before pearl.
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